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Queen Lozikeyi Dlodlo – #BlackHistoryMonth Profile 1

Queen Lozikeyi was King Lobengula’s second senior wife.
She married King Lobengula well after his coronation as King.
Among her duties as Senior Queen was overseeing the white people and their interaction with the members of the Ndebele community.
When King Lobengula disappeared, Queen #Lozikeyi became the defacto leader of the #Ndebele.
She was the leader and the inspiration for the second Anglo-Matabele war, also known as the War of the Red Axe and the First Chimurenga, which is considered #Zimbabwe’s first war for Independence.
By the end of 1896, Rhodes’ forces and the Ndebele army had reached a stalemate.
Queen Lozikeyi led the peace initiative through runners and guided the izindaba (negotiations) in the #Matobo mountains.
This led to an amnesty and ceasefire, although the Ndebele people had already lost their best land and control.
However, the Queen continued to defend and protect her people after the war.
Referred to as a dangerous and intriguing woman by the British, Lozikeyi was a no-nonsense woman who spoke her mind and was openly defiant against the white settlers.

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