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Bongi Mliswa Mohimi-Williams

In Pursuit of Passion: Bongi Mohimi-Williams

If ‘pursue your passion’ was a person, it would be Bongi Mliswa Mohimi-Williams, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and Mthwakazi Queen.

After living and working in the UK for over 20 years, Bongi moved to Botswana at the end of 2018 to do what she has always wanted to do with her life – to run a business.

Two years later, and at the peak of a global pandemic in June 2020, Bongi, a former Development Worker from Peterborough crossed yet another border, into Zimbabwe, just to expand her trucking business and international money transfer venture.

Like everybody else who’s bold enough to forsake everything and pursue their passion – Bongi sounds very pleased with her life right now.

“I am now based in Bulawayo and I’m very happy at the moment,” Bongi said. “We have a 7.5 tonne fridge truck here in Bulawayo which is working well. We also have a 30 tonne truck which is working well in Botswana at the moment.”

Bong Williams

Bongi, who was born in Zambia on the 3rd of June 1977 to a Zimbabwean dad and a Zambian mum, runs the business with her partner Roy Mohimi-Williams.

Bongi grew up in Bulawayo and later moved to the UK where she studied, worked, lived and started to follow her entrepreneurial passion.

Whilst working as a support worker for children with learning disabilities at the Cambridgeshire City Council Bongi also studied Leadership and Management in Business at Peterborough City University.

“I am an entrepreneur to the bone,” Bongi said. “I have always found myself buying something and reselling it for a profit.”

In Pursuit of Passion: Bongi Mohimi-Williams

On most days, Bongi worked the nightshift and went to home to sell African inspired accessories during the day whilst tending to her two children.

The 43 year old Mthwakazi Queen is looking forward to building a fleet of at least 10 trucks in the next 24 months.

But that’s not her only plan. She has more!

“I am hoping to start running a grocery warehouse in Bulawayo dedicated to the diaspora community and their families here in Zimbabwe,” Bongi said. “I have been inspired by a grocery delivery service I have been running with my sister for the last eight months and realise that with food one cannot go wrong,”

Bongi hopes that this will help realise her dream to ‘get rich one day.’

In Pursuit of Passion: Bongi Mohimi-Williams

Community Service.

Bongi loves to serve the community too and strongly believes that charity begins at home.

While she was in the UK, Bongi made several donations to different causes in Zimbabwe.

Now that she’s back, Bongi hopes to do even more like feeding street kids and orphans in Bulawayo and surrounding areas with the help of her own family.

“What drives me is passion,” Bongi emphasized. “I love to do what I have a passion for. I love to help others whenever I am able to. I love to interact with people. I love negotiating. I love to sell.”

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