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Living a Better Life through Challenges and Change

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without frustrations, disappointments or challenges?

It might be pretty stagnant without those experiences that teach you new lessons, helps you to grow and moves you from where you are to where you need to go.

Many Mthwakazi Queens including Francesca Acquah, founder of AfroKinks by CHESCA, wouldn’t be inventors, innovators or entrepreneurs today if it was not for the moves they had to make in response to life’s unexpected challenges.

While Franscesca, affectionately called Chesca in her community, was busy carving out a career path in the Women’s Health sector – one that she’d always dreamed of, she suddenly developed a severe case of hair loss.

“For any woman, you can imagine how traumatizing this was,” said Chesca.”Your hair is one of your most prized possessions.

Living a Better Life through Challenges and Chang

Faced with a humbling and frustrating situation of hair loss, Chesca looked nowhere else but at herself for a solution.

“I became obsessed with learning about my hair,” said Chesca. “Finding a solution for my hair loss became passion, thus the birth of AFRO KINKS BY CHESCA.”

AFRO KINKS BY CHESCA is a brand that makes & sells hair and beard butters for healthy and easy management of natural hair. The butters are suitable for all hair types from Afro, Caucasian across to Asian hair.

The Main ingredient used by AFRO KINKS BY CHESCA is raw organic Ghanaian shea butter mixed with different natural oils. The brand’s products include natural hair sprays, skin butters and pre-Shampoos.

Living a Better Life through Challenges and Change

“After many years of relaxing my hair it seemed like I woke up one day to a big balding area on my crown,” Chesca said. “Even then I wasn’t ready to address it so I resorted hiding it under a wig.”

“I became a product junky buying every product suggested on YouTube. I was desperate!,” added Chesca. ” I needed one or two products that softened, nourished, promoted growth most important I desired a head full of hair! So I played around with some ingredients and AFRO KINKS BY CHESCA was born!”

Chesca ‘s experience with hair loss is not the only instance where she has used the challenges in life to fuel changes to enrich her and others. In fact, challenges in childhood inspired her to secure a dream job in the West Midlands, UK where she’s now based.

*Growing up in Bulawayo.*

Living a Better Life through Challenges and Change

Chesca spent the formative years of her life in, playing with rag dolls or games like “Matshayana”and “Tap Tap” with self made plastic balls with friends.

Despite Chesca’s humble childhood, she had vast and boundless dreams.

One of those dreams was to be a Women’s Health Nurse, but that dream was met with early resistance not only from the scarcity of opportunity but from my father who did not approve of the profession.

“I quickly realized that if I really wanted to achieve this dream,” Chesca said. “I would need to overcome a lot of obstacles and not give up.”

Living a Better Life through Challenges and Change

At 18 an opportunity presented itself and Chesca moved to London, where she trained and qualified as a nurse.

“In 1998 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl,” Chesca said. “I carried on my studies and after completing rotational post I got my dream job as a D grade nurse in a gynecology ward and moved to Midlands where I currently live.”

Chesca continues to work and study to further her dreams.

“This dream that began in a little small town in Southern Africa is one that has evolved and continues to evolve,” emphasised Chesca.

“I have used the challenges in my life to fuel changes that have enriched my life and hopefully the lives of many others. I am humbled by the support thus far,” Chesca added.

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